Did you know about Teledünya Web ?

Until recently, Teledunya was the only player without OTT solution among the big 5 pay-TV operators. Today, the outlook is no more the same. The only cable operator in Turkey had recently launched its OTT service branded as Teledunya Web. is live and Android application is also available on the market with the same


Turkcell Introduces the Future of TV with Its Expanded Turkcell TV+

ISTANBUL, Oct 17, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Turkey’s leading telecommunications and technology company Turkcell  announced that it is taking its television platform Turkcell TV+ to the next level and introduced the future of TV in Turkey. Turkcell TV+, which was previously offered only on mobile devices and computers, will now be available on television sets. Subscribers


Turkey is welcoming the new Pay-TV operator..

It’s been estimated that there are more than 10 mio Pay-TV subscribers out of 18 mio households in Turkey. The major player of the market are: Digiturk D-Smart Kablo TV/Teledunya Tivibu Turkcell TV+ In addition to these, a new player has just arrived : Filbox. Filbox joined the competition with a different business model. Oflaz group, best


Turksat 4A Frequency Transition, sideeffects and new landscape

Long awaited frequency transition from Turksat 3A satellite to Turksat 4A has been completed last week. (17 Sept midnight) At the end of this operation, channel frequencies have changed, new HD channels have become online and actually the landscape has been reshaped. First of, let’s start with the negative part of this migration: It’s been


TTNET has successfully rolled out VIP1113 IPTV set-tops from ARRIS

TTNET has successfully rolled out VIP1113 IPTV set-tops from ARRIS Group, Inc.  to subscribers of its Tivibu service as it enhances its high definition (HD) TV offering. ARRIS VIP1113 set-top The ARRIS set-tops will help TTNET to expand its subscriber base, increase customer satisfaction by offering rich experiences with crystal-clear HD picture, as well as


Turkish Pay-TV Market 2014 Report is ready!

Turkey 2014 Pay-TV Market Report is ready now. This is by far the most comprehensive and in-depth report on Turkish Pay-TV market. If you would like to get an electronic copy of this unique report please drop an email to for further discussion! You can see `table of contents` and `executive summary` sections of the report


HBO is planning to launch in Turkey

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has reported that HBO is considering an expansion of its the over-the-top (OTT) strategy that it kicked off in the Nordics in 2012. Japan, Turkey and other markets that have good broadband levels and few HBO-pay-TV partnerships are on the table. There is reportedly no timeline for how soon the expansion would roll out,


Tivibu changed TV service naming for simplicity

TTNet’s TV service Tivibu had 4 different sub-categories each with a different naming until recently. Tivibu Ev (IPTV Service) Tivibu Web (WebTV Service) Tivibu Cep (Mobile Service) Tivibu Smart TV (OTT Service) Lately, TTNet has changed this terminology to make things simpler and easy to understand. It seems the main idea was to build the


AirTies and Octoshape selected to deliver OTT offer to global Digiturk customers

AirTies and Octoshape announced their partnership to deliver Digiturk’s content to its international customers. AirTies Wireless Networks is a leading supplier of advanced techno to the broadcast and broadband industry. Actually, in Turkey AirTies is best known with its routers. Millions of AirTies branded routers are deployed in TTNet customers all araound Turkey. On the other


Did you know that you have to make a network search on 15th of July?

New Turksat satellite Turksat 4A has been launched on 14 Feb 2014 and has been under test since then. (Please have a look to my earlier post here) Turksat 4A is currently operating at 42° East together with Turksat 2A and 3A. Now, the test period is over and all the current TV&Radio frequencies will be moved to new