Turkey Digital TV Market Key Figures

Turkey is considered to be the world’s 15th and Europe’s 6th biggest economy, OECD predicts that Turkey will overtake India as the second-fastest growing economy by 2017, and become the second-largest economy in Europe by 2050.

Over more than 50 million of the population is between 15-64 ages and less than 7 percent is older than 65 which makes Turkey a young country with a deep interest to technological products. Over the last years, digital media in Turkey increased steadily in parallel to the significant growth of internet consumption and 3G penetration.

Turkey Pay-TV market has a penetration rate of 40 percent. Out of 19 million households around 7,7 million household is subscribed to a Pay-TV platform including OTT services. Digiturk with more than 3.3 million subscribers is the strongest player in the market. Turkish people love watching TV. According to the research of AGB Nielsen[1] Turkey is the 8th most TV watching country in the world with 257 minutes per day.



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Major OTT players in Turkey


Tivibu Web

TTNet’s TV service Tivibu has been launched on 24th February 2010.  Today, the number of subscribers of the service has exceeded 1 million. In 2011, Tivibu has been awarded by IP&TV World Forum for Best IPTV, Hybrid or Connected TV Service Growth Achievement. Actually, the name of the service has changed to Tivibu Web later on following the announcement of Tivibu Cep (Tivibu Mobile) and Tivibu Ev (IPTV) services.  In other words, multi-screen service Tivibu is available on 4 screens i.e. PC, smartphone, tablet and TV. There are a total of 113 live channels and over 4000 VOD content available on the platform. Tivibu has been the main driving force behind training of the Turkish audiences on consuming VOD content and using time-shift feature (i.e. Pause TV). Catch-up TV service is quite popular since Turkish audiences love watching various local series broadcasted during the season. Tivibu Web platform is based on Windows Silverlight technology. The subscribers can either watch it via web site or by downloading the client to their Windows platform. Unfortunately, it is not available on Mac platforms. Thanks to the Smooth Streaming technology, the quality of the media is decided according to the bandwidth of user to ensure the best possible viewing experience. Existing bitrates are 300 Kbps, 600 Kbps and 1000 Kbps. The main weakness of the proposition is the lack of sports content. The service is only available within Turkey. (more…)

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TV Market

Brief Overview of Turkish TV Market

Turkey is one of the countries where the people watch TV the most. Based on the study of RTUK ( regulatory body for TV), an average Turk watches 260 minutes (4 hours 20 minutes) TV every single day. You can have a look to the study here. Turkey is the 8th country in terms of average TV watching time among 55 countries based on the study of AGB Nielsen. Considering the strong  TV engagement, in this post I'll try to answer questions like "what are the means of receiving TV?", "which TV-platforms are used the most?", "which percentage of the households pay for TV content?", "what is the deployment of Smart-TV's?", "what are the basic TV viewing habits?", "which percentage of the households is equipped with the right hardware to watch HD content?". 091213-2645_1_jpg_620x320_q85_crop_upscale_4.jpg.620x320_q85_crop_upscale

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