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Turkcell TV+ continues its fast growth

A few weeks ago Turkcell announced the results for the year 2015. You can have a look to the presentation here. It is possible to get key figures about Turkcell’s popular TV service Turkcell TV at pages 11 and 12 of the presentation. Briefly, the service has reached to a total of 588K subs within almost 1,5

Tivibu figures as of end of 2015.

Turk Telekom had announced 2015 results on the investor relations section of the website. The presentation could be downloaded here. The most significant pages related to TV are  as follows. Here is my two cents about this slides. Pay-TV penetration in Turkey is around 27%. This is far behind the Europe’s penetration rate of 61%. I

Turkish TV Market Training Course (In a Nutshell)

Turkish TV Market Training Course (In a Nutshell) Course Method :  The course consists of a 2 days of face to face (also potentially online) teaching designed as 4 different modules. Each module focuses on a different aspect of Turkish TV Market. Course Description: This  training course is mainly focused on Turkish TV Market.  The

Turk Telekom Group had repositioned Tivibu service

Turk Telekom had organised an event last week regarding mainly about TV service Tivibu. You can find the associated press release here. (in Turkish) You can find my comments about the new announcement. Türk Telekom Group CEO Rami Aslan: “From now on TV broadcasting will be one the major activities of TT with all aspects.” This is the

What does Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey say about Turkey?

Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey (full report) indicates insightful figures for Turkish market. The survey says that in 2013 the average number of internet-connected devices is more than 3 per person in Turkey with %42 YoY increase. This is more than other developing markets like Argentina, Russia, Brazil and Mexico. Apparently, this is a positive

Did you know about Teledünya Web ?

Until recently, Teledunya was the only player without OTT solution among the big 5 pay-TV operators. Today, the outlook is no more the same. The only cable operator in Turkey had recently launched its OTT service branded as Teledunya Web. https://www.teledunyaweb.com is live and Android application is also available on the market with the same

Did you know that you have to make a network search on 15th of July?

New Turksat satellite Turksat 4A has been launched on 14 Feb 2014 and has been under test since then. (Please have a look to my earlier post here) Turksat 4A is currently operating at 42° East together with Turksat 2A and 3A. Now, the test period is over and all the current TV&Radio frequencies will be moved to new

iTVF (İstanbul TV Forum and Fair) is coming….

İstanbul TV Forum & Fair will take place in Halic Congress Center, Istanbul in 12 -13 -14 June 2014 for the second time. Basically, it’s an event where the key components of the content and broadcasting industries gather under one roof, with participation from companies, associations, public institutions, broadcasters and online platforms from all four corners of the

Turksat 4A satellite has been launched

On 14th of February, new Turkish Turksat 4A satellite has been launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan and delivered into orbit. TURKSAT-4A will provide telecommunication and direct TV broadcasting services over a wide geographic region between west of China and east of England, spanning Turkey, as well as Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East

Household Composition Breakdown in terms of TV reception

RTUK is the regulatory body in Turkey in charge of Radio and TV Broadcasting. According to the study conducted by RTUK in 2012, the breakdown of household composition in terms of TV reception in Turkey is as follows: